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Imagine a make-up that wears so well that you won’t have to take it off at night. 

One that won’t run when you go swimming or when you work out. 

Tears won’t even smear it!Buy Gift Certificates

Permanent Make-up, also called Permanent Cosmetics, can save you time every morning.

Best of all, it looks better than conventional make-up.

Who I Am & What I do

An internationally recognized master in the application of Permanent Makeup. The only Nationally Certified Master Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) on the Central Coast.  She is also a LIFE MEMBER of the SPCP (Society of Permanent Professionals), in addition to being an SPCP Trainer Member in Fundamentals and Advanced Education.

Carolyn Elliott, CPCP, LE, LVN – with over 20,000 Permanent Makeup procedures completed, she is an unquestionable artist.   Carolyn also has a background as a Licensed Esthetician, in addition to Nursing.  Through Nursing, she learned early on that continuing education (CEUs) are extremely important for staying on top of the latest advances in the industry.  As a result, Carolyn has spent years studying and perfecting her techniques by consistently attending advanced training classes, workshops, conventions, and seminars. She even travels to foreign countries to have the privilege of studying with some of the industries most talented and highly sought out Permanent Makeup Artists. In the USA, she has had the same privileges – training with most talented, highly sought out Master Permanent Makeup Artists as well.  Carolyn’s standards are extremely high in her art and through these Master Technicians, has learned advanced techniques of shading, powdery effects, super fines lines, shading, and smudgy edges.  Her mastery of symmetrical, technical, artistic and the application of color in the skin has made her thee best artist on the Central Coast and TOP 5 most sought out Permanent Makeup Artists in the State of California.  Carolyn is also has been a Master Technician is Micro-Needling and Dermal Rolling, receiving her first training through Mary Ritcherson in 2013 and then continuing her Advanced Micro-needling through Dr. Lance Setterfield.  Carolyn is

Carolyn has always been known for her artistic ability, dating back to the early 1970’s.  Her eye for details, standards of cleanliness, work ethic, and deep passion for the art, show in her work. She is a multi-talented, highly-educated, and grounded artist who can achieve all desired looks. Whether you are looking for soft, natural and enhancing, darker, bolder or more defining, Carolyn can achieve the look that is right for you each and every time. Her work has earned her the respect and referrals of many plastic surgeons, cosmetic doctors, hair salons, stylists, makeup artists, estheticians, and other permanent makeup artists throughout the years. Along with a large clientele of her own, many have traveled from all over the world to have their procedures completed by Carolyn. Her knowledge, artistry ethics, high standards, and commitment have brought her much success in the permanent makeup world. Come see why Carolyn is the permanent makeup artist everyone is talking about.

In addition to being an SPCP Trainer Member, Carolyn is also a Master Technician and Trainer in the anti-aging techniques of Micro-Needling and Dermal Rolling. She received her first training through Mary Ritcherson in 2013 and has completed hundreds of procedures since.  Recently, she continuing her Advanced Micro-needling through Dr. Lance Setterfield.  She teaches Micro-needling knowledge and procedures to Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professionals or graduates from a acredited school after they’ve had a minimum of 1 year Permanent Makeup experience.


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Mary Ritcherson- MR NaturaLines

Carolyn receiving her certificate from Mary Ritcherson of MR NaturaLines, her long-time idol, mentor, 3x instructor, and friend – “Mary inspires me to be better today than I was yesterday, everyday.”

Permanent Makeup application

Carolyn training at MR NaturaLines