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Price List

Please note: Carolyn Elliott reserves the right to change prices without notice



Image - If you think its expensive to hire a professional wait until you hire an amateur

Due to the long wait time, consultations are no longer completed in the office.  You will find all of the important Consultation Information available to you by clicking the link  “Your Online Consultation“, located on the “Schedule” Tab.  I call this Step 1 of your scheduling process.  You will need to complete all 6 Steps in order for your to have a successful scheduling process. ** Every client is responsible for reading this information before scheduling your appointment.  No exceptions, even if you have had Permanent Makeup in the past.

If you feel you have additional questions which weren’t answered on “Your Online Consultation,” feel free to email your questions, using the contact form located at the bottom of that page.

*VIP Consultations:  If you would prefer to be seen one-on-one, in person, for a  Consultation and Pre-draw in the office, appointments are available by request. The pre-paid fee is $150 for a 75 minute appointment and does not go towards the balance of your procedure.  Call 805-550-7379 to schedule your appointment slot.


EYE BROW PROCEDURES (*Prices include one reinforcement within 6 months)

  • Soft Powdery Eye Brows (Single Toned Soft EyeBrows) $525 (Two-sessions)
  • Ombre Eye Brows (Two-Toned Soft Powdery EyeBrows) $650 (Two-sessions)
  • Strokes Over Ombre’ (Hair-stroke to start, transitioned into a Soft, Ombre’ Eye Brow towards the tails) $850 (Two-sessions)
  • Shaded Hair-Stroke Brows  (Beautiful 3D-Eyebrows Artistry completed by Machine work only). $795 (Two-sessions)

TOUCH UP/FRESHERS (*Prices are based on a single session which technique is used)

  • Less than 1 year $250 (Powders Brows), $275 (Ombre’), $375 (Strokes Over Ombre’ & Shaded Hair-stroke Brows)
  • Between 1 – 2 years $300 (Powder Brows), $400 (Ombre’), $475 (Strokes Over Ombre’ & Shaded Hair-Stroke Brows)
  • Greater than 2 years $375 and up (Powder Brows), $525 and up (Ombre’), $600 and up (Strokes Over Ombre’ & Shaded Hair-stroke Brows)

NOTE:  Any brow which is faded to the point of needing to be pre-drawn prior to a procedure is considered a NEW procedure and will be charged accordingly.

EYE PROCEDURE (*Prices include one follow-up/fine-tuning within 4 months, if needed.)

  • Eye Lash Enhancement $495 (two-sessions)
  • Modified Eye Lash Enhancement $550 (two-sessions)
  • Dramatic Eye Liner – heavy, more dramatic with tails extending out and beyond $650 (two-sessions)
  • Add Smudgy Color Shadow $250 (added above any of the 3 above Eye Procedures at appointment time)

TOUCH UP/FRESHERS (*Prices are based on single session)

  • Less than 1 year $250 and up (Eye Lash Enhancement), $325 (Mod Eye Lash Enhancement), $425 (Dramatic Eye Liner)
  • Between 1 –  2 years $300 and up, (Eye Lash Enhancement), $400 (Mod Eye Lash Enhancement), $500 (Dramatic Eyes)
  • Between 2 – 3 years $400 and up (Eye Lash Enhancement), $500 (Mod Eye Lash Enhancement), $600 (Dramatic Eyes)
  • Greater than 3 years+, $425 and up (Eye Lash Enhancement), $500+ (Modified Eyelash Enhancement), $600+ (Dramatic Eyes),


  • Gray Eyebrows Color Correction – $495 (two sessions)
  • Gray Eyebrows Color Correction and Reshape/Rebalance – $595 (two sessions)
  • Orange/Red/Violet Eyebrow Color Correction – $495 (two sessions)
  • Orange/Red/Violet Eyebrow Color Correction and Reshape/Rebalance – $595 (two sessions)
  • Shape Correction on Eyeliner – priced per situation/per session
  • Lips Color Correction and/or Shape Modication – priced per situation/per session.

LIP PROCEDURES **Lip procedures are priced per session and do not include a touch up. It is highly recommented that you evaluate the full healing of your lips at the fourth week mark.  If you determine that you need additional work, please call our office immediately to schedule an additional procedure.  Causes for pigment not retaining even on a first go-around: 1) you have a history of sun-exposure (tough leathery skin) and/or 2) you have a history of cold sores/fever blisters (scar tissue).  Not to worry, these lips can still be tattooed, it may take up to 3 or 4 sessions to achieve your desired consistent color.

  • Luxury (Full) Lips $695 – (single session)
  • Gloss and Go $595 – (single session)

 TOUCH UP/FRESHERS (*Prices are based on single session)

  • Full Lip Touch up (less than 4 months) $295 – (single session)
  • Full Lip Touch up (greater than 3 years) $595 – (single session)
  • Gloss and Go Touch up (less than 4 months) $295 – (single session)
  • Gloss and Go Touch up (greater than 3 years) $495 – (single session)




What is a Touch up verses a Modification?

A “Touchup” is going over the area of existing pigment to refreshen or strengthen the color. There is no change in shape of the design.

A “Modification” is when there is a change in the design. For example, in the thickness. Many clients later decide to go thicker. A Touch Up in the “Original Design” is included in your new procedure. There will be an additional charge if you choose to “Modify” the design.

Pigment Lightening Process

  • $350 per session.  (2 – 4 treatments may be required, dependent on the desired results and the type of pigment was used). 

The Lightening Process is best on newer Permanent Makeup Procedures.  The illustration shows an example of before and after.


Note: it is highly recommended to prepare for 4 – 6 treatments (dependent on the condition of the skin), spaced 6 -8 weeks apart for optimal results. (Please note: prices shown are cost per procedure).  Check out our Packages below on our most popular services!

  • Full Face – Special $600 (reg. $900) Package: Purchase 3 for $1600 (save $200 more!)
  • Cheeks $350
  • Forehead $300
  • Crows Feet Only $200
  • Crows feet and Under eyes $300
  • Under Eyes Special $200 (reg. $250) Package: Purchase 3 for $500 (save $100 more)
  • Around Mouth (lips) $300
  • Upper Lip Only $200
  • Peri-Oral (Lips/Nasal Labial fold & chin) $300
  • Chin $150
  • Neck Special $400 (reg. $450) – Package: Purchase 3 for $1000 (save $200 more)
  • Chest/Decollates $400
  • Hands (tops) Special $225 (reg. $250) Package: Purchase 3 for $600 (save $75)

HomeCare Kits:

Receive a 0.25 Dermal-Roller Free (a $65 Value) when you purchase our carefully selected GlyMedPlus Products (a pharmaceutical-grade line), you can leave with confidence knowing that these selected products work in conjunction of Dermal-Rolling Treatments and do not have any cancer causing preservatives.

Age Spots/Sun Spots

  • 1 Spot $50
  • 2 Spots $75
  • 3 Spots $100
  • $100 per 3 spots

Scar Needling/Stretch Marks

  • Consultation Required

Taking care of your skin

In conjunction with your Micro-Needling Treatments, we highly recommend the use of Glymed Plus Pre/Post Micro-Needling Procedural Skin Essentials Kit.

These kits are available for purchase through the office only and are *specifically designed for your individual needs.

Kits are not included in the cost of the procedure.

Product Description

These products assist in the recovery process after our in-office Micro-Needling Treatment in addition to your HomeCare regime.

  • Peptide Cleanser with PC10
  • Amino Acid Treatment Serum with PC10
  • *Fulvic Elixir
  • Photo-Age Environmental Protection Gel 30+
  • 0.25mm Derma-Roller
  • *Amino Acid Epidermal Sealant with PC10
  • *Arnica+ Healing Cream

When booking, please be aware of the following terms:

  • 48 hours notice of cancellation is required.
  • Deposits Required for all procedure appointments – $150/procedure (non-refundable).
  • Please do not make a deposit prior to scheduling an appointment.